With busy schedules and a lack of time, self-care is usually the last thing on most people’s to-do-list. But as discussed in Part 1, when we do not prioritise looking after ourselves, there are huge impacts across every area of life. More fatigue, more tiredness and less efficiency and we become even more likely to turn to unhealthy habits to support us through the day. Hence a detrimental cycle is formed.

But fear not, here are some super easy tips to increase your vitality throughout the day and have you feeling more alert, wakeful and in better health overall.


“Tech neck” is real, people. Our heads are heavy, weighing around 4.5-5kg when we’re standing or sitting straight. However, when leaning forward to look at our computers and other smart devices, that weight increases exponentially. The unnatural hunch forward we remain in while working or scrolling is putting up to 25 kilograms of strain on our neck and shoulders. Over time, this strain can cause chronic headaches, fatigue, neck pain, and even herniated disks.

Make sure you’re taking regular stretch breaks every hour or so. Get up from your desk and do a few postural exercises. You can also invest in a better chair that is ergonomically conducive to your working style, or consider a standing desk and eliminate the need for a chair altogether. If nothing else, be certain your computer is at eye level so you’re not constantly looking downward to view the screen. These little adjustments can help save you from a whole lot of discomfort down the road.


Laughter truly is the best medicine. It’s good for the body and for the soul, and that’s a scientific fact. According to the Journal of Neuroscience, laughter releases endorphins that produce a euphoric feeling. Laughter has also been found to protect the body’s most precious organ, the heart. Research shows that laughter can help reduce stress and support healthy arteries, thus lowering the risk of heart disease.

Laughter is quite easy to come by in an office full of coworkers. Finding time to connect with colleagues throughout the day will most likely result in a more balanced workday, and even helps the minutes tick away faster. It’s also a pleasant way to meet new people and form friendships outside of work. You’re with these folks more than your own family in some cases, so it’s a good idea to try to enjoy each other’s company.


This can be achieved in many ways, but my personal favourite is plants. Picking up a few hearty indoor plants to add to your desk décor is a fantastic way to liven up the cube and bring a welcoming feeling to your workspace. Snake plants, air plants, jade succulents, and bonsai trees are all easy to find and care for. Not only can they contribute to creativity, but they can also improve air quality—win-win.

If plants aren’t really your thing, consider livening up your work area with photos or prints that inspire you. Try upgrading your pen/pencil collection with more colourful options, hanging a creative calendar, or getting a nicely designed lamp. Desk makeovers are fun and can make a big difference in your mood.


Keeping fish oil and other daily supplements at your desk is a great way to remember to take them each day. Most of us often end up in a morning rush to get ready and leave in time for work, with supplements often the last thing on our minds.

Keeping them on the desk at work is a great way to remember daily supplementation.

Overall, these few simple tips will ensure great health, energy and focus for you and make your work a more joyful place to be.



Lee is a ​​lifestyle writer with a passion for all things health and wellness. As ​the​ former ​S​ocial ​M​edia ​S​​pecialist ​for​ Nordic Naturals, ​her love for omega-3s and ​the natural products industry ​has only grown. When she’s not typing away at her computer, she is hiking in the mountains near her home, camping or traveling the globe on a tight budget.

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